If you're looking for the best company for your all your plumbing and drain needs, you've come to the right place. Our goal is total customer satisfaction. Please read what some of our many satisfied customers are saying below!

  • Lily K.
    Lily K.

    Our toilet was blocked and within no time, their tech mike had it running smooth. Quick and reliable service!

  • Harold Mitchell
    Harold Mitchell

    I can't praise rooter-man enough! We were dealing with a complex problem - a cracked sewer pipe under our home. I was worried about the possible damage to our yard, but the rooter-man team, led by their technician, alex, was exceptional. They used trenchless repair technology to fix the pipe without any extensive digging. Alex was particularly informative, explaining every step of the process in detail. They turned what i thought would be a long and painful process into a relatively quick and painless experience.

  • Danny P.
    Danny P.

    Our sump pump broke right before a big storm. I was in a panic but rooterman, especially mike, was a true hero. They replaced the pump swiftly and our basement stayed dry throughout the storm.

  • Kathy N.
    Kathy N.

    We were struggling with slow-running and gurgling drains, a persistent annoyance. The savior was rooterman, sending a skilled technician named tom. His thorough cleaning finally silenced the gurgling and improved the drain flow. Our gratitude extends to the whole rooterman team, and specifically to tom for his exceptional service!

  • Seth R.
    Seth R.

    We noticed a leaky pipe in our basement that was causing a steady, alarming increase in water damage. The technician from rooter-man, fredrick, was quick to respond. He professionally and efficiently replaced the faulty pipe section, stopping the leak for good. The service we received was top-notch and we are very grateful for their timely help!

  • Emma S.
    Emma S.

    Our hot water heater was failing, producing only lukewarm water. Rooterman sent over their technician, steve, who not only fixed the heater but also gave us valuable maintenance tips to prolong its life. Fantastic service!

  • Frank L.
    Frank L.

    Our bathroom sink had developed a stubborn clog, which was proving immune to all our diy fixes. Frustrated, we decided to bring in the professionals. Rooterman's technician, jim, was nothing short of a miracle worker. Not only did he effectively clear the clog, but he also imparted wisdom on preventative measures for avoiding future clogs.

  • Miranda G.
    Miranda G.

    I contacted rooter-man to address a serious issue with my septic tank. The tank was full, causing bad odors and slow drains. Thanks to rooter-man, especially mark, our septic tank is back to normal.

  • Jake T
    Jake T

    We had a blocked kitchen drain causing a nasty backup. I called rooterman and a guy named sam arrived. He used a snake camera to locate the blockage and then expertly cleared it. Excellent service and great problem-solving skills.

  • Anthony M.
    Anthony M.

    Last week, we had a serious issue with our sewage system. It was an absolute nightmare until we called rooter-man. Their professional and highly skilled team, led by their technician john, was an absolute blessing. John and his team worked diligently, employing state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the issue accurately. They systematically addressed the problem, keeping us informed every step of the way. They also ensured to tidy up the place once they finished their job, which was a big plus. It was amazing to witness their attention to detail and commitment to superior service. I can't recommend them enough!